MudWall Studio


The MudWall Studio, est. 2023, is a audio-production and recording-studio based in Freiburg , at the foot of the scenic Schwarzwald.

Located in the basement of the "Haus des Engagements" producer Peter Milde and his friends designed a space for creativity on all levels. The selfmade walls consist of clay and straw, which makes the resonance of the room beautiful and well balanced.  MudWall Studio might be the first bio-degradable recording studio in the world.

The community meeting there burst with muscial talent and is well connected with the local music scene. 

MudWall-Studio provides them as well as it's guests the perfect space for being creative.

Record Music

Together we try to find your personal sound for your music of any genre. If you want to record as a full Band or single tracks, we give our best to make it sound as you always wanted.



There's a guitar-track missing? 

You want live-drums in your song?

Some acoustic instruments like a Banjo or a Mandolin would make your song better?

Contact us. In our big network we will find the right musician to play the part you need.


We mix your songs and let your recording shine.

Anything else

Cinematic music, Podcast-production or anything else. When it comes to audio production and you lost your path, give us a call.

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